How a player can place a bet on formula one betting

The popularity of motorsport betting, especially, the Formula One game is steadily rising in America. For this reason, the craze for betting on Formula One is also rising exponentially. Now we are going to discuss how to place bets on Formula 1.

Choose a trusted betting site

best betting site

Players can find several online betting companies for placing a bet on a Formula-1 game. But you need to choose one of the best, most trusted, and safe sites to place a bet on.

Sign up

After finding a good betting site, you have to register your name, details of the deposit, email, and detailed birth information. After confirming a link or email has been given and the login procedure has been started. Now you can go further with your wager of formula one.

Deposit making


Many online betting sites give several convenient methods of depositing money in a betting account.

These bookmakers accept credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa along with some e-wallet facilities such as Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill. Some betting sites allow their bettors to deposit money using cryptocurrencies like Dash, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Place betting

After choosing the formula one race, the type of betting, driver, the number of dollars, you have to furnish your ticket for formula one.

The essential odds and options of betting

Formula one events are organized after a one to three weeks gap.

  1. Podium finish bet. In this bet, the punter places a bet on a driver for competing in the race either in first position or second position, or third position.  It is not important after finishing the race, the driver gets which place. Whatever be the place among these three drivers gets, a bettor will win the bet. The important fact is that the driver has to finish the race in the top three ranks.
  2. Prop bets. Some bookmakers give extra props based on race-by-race. The winner belongs to which country, which car will become the winner of the race are also included in this type of bet.
  3. Future bets. In this betting, it will be best if the punter places a bet before beginning the race as many betting sites finish their action whenever the first race starts.  In future bets, punters place bets on that team whom they think will become the winner.

The tips and strategies of formula one

In formula one betting, most of the time, the favourite team becomes the winner of the race. Normally, drivers of four to six cars have a maximum chance of winning the race. The best way of valuing is to stay away from pole position overvaluation.

Pole gives the driver a huge chance in the field as a driver can navigate the path having no card in front of him get-go. But the driver becomes the winner in a maximum of 50% of cases even if they have pole position.

Live betting on formula oneformula one live

Here bettors have to make decisions quickly. The commentators play an important role while watching this game.

Their valuable comments help you observe timings in the race. Every driver stops their car for changing tires. If players can predict the time of changing tires correctly, it will give them an advantage in winning bets.